North Richland Hills Plumber

North Richland Hills Plumber

McCalman Plumbing Sales & Services has been providing the North Richland Hills area with quality services for over 50 years. Our main office is 5  to 10 minute drive to your home or business.

McCalman’s professional licensed plumbers and technicians are qualified to handle all manner of water, sewer, and gas problems.

North Richland Hills Plumber

Our normal business hours are 8:00am – 6:00pm Monday through Friday.

We do take emergency calls 24/7 because understand that “life happens” and emergencies don’t hold to any schedule.

North Richland Hills Drain Cleaning & Sewer Cleaning

Call us if you have clogged toilets or bathroom /  kitchen sink drains that are stopped up.

Garbage disposals are notorious for adding “gunk” to your drain lines. Not only do we fix or replace garbage disposal units, but we clean up the mess they cause in your drain pipes.

A slow draining sink, or one with standing water,  can indicate a major drain issue just around the corner. Be proactive by getting your drains inspected ASAP.

On difficult jobs we use video inspection of you drains to locate and resolve the issue quickly. This saves you time and money because labor charges will be less if our plumbers spend less time on the job.

Toilets sometimes get clogged. There are some simple things you can do. Please never pour chemicals down your toilet or drains. If a plunger doesn’t work, give us a call.

The main sewer line occasionally will get clogged up and we can help you there too.


Slab Leak Location

We are The Original Slab Leak LocatorDFW Slab Leak Locators.

David McCalman was active in the north Tarrant County plumbing business back when slabs were first becoming a common foundation choice. Less and less pier and beam homes were being built and slabs soon became the norm in the building trade.

It didn’t take long to find out that leaks under a slab foundation were not as straight forward as under a typical pier and beam. Just the location of the leak presented many new challenges.

In the North Richland Hills area ( and also Haltom City, and Richland Hills) there was – and still is – plenty of work for a sharp plumber who can precisely locate leaks that are in and under the foundation. McCalman Plumbing Sales & Services is the company that can find your leak fast.

Slab Leak Repair – Of course, finding the slab leak is only half the problem. Fixing the leak without undue damage to the home is also necessary. Our plumbers specialize in both detecting and repairing slab leaks in a way that can be easily touched up. If you want the best foundation slab leak plumber in North Richland Hills, call McCalman today.

Here are some of the other repairs we do:

All Bathroom Maintenance

North Richland Hills

We are proud of the working relations we have with our neighbors in North Richland Hills, and we are always glad to see our repeat customers. They are part of he McCalman family of friends.

North Richland Hills is a city inside Tarrant County, Texas, United States, and a mid-to-high end suburb of Dallas and Fort Worth. The population was 63,343 at the 2010 census, making it the third largest city in Tarrant County.  – Wikipedia

Call McCalman Plumbing Sales & Services if you are searching for a licensed plumber or plumbing contractor in or near North Richland Hills, Texas. If you are in these zip codes, we’ve got you covered: 76053, 76054, 76118, 76180, 76182.

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North Richland Hills Plumber

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